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Quail/Homestead Overwhelm???

Updated: 7 days ago

*This post contains affiliate links. That means I’m about to recommend things I like, and I may receive a commission if you buy through any of these links (at no extra cost to you). I only recommend products and services I know. This is one of the ways bloggers make money.

Hey we have all been there! When I first started with quail it was like every new thing I learned I was like well, ...freakin chickens don't do that, or chickens don't need that.... I hate to be the barer of bad news or what I actually consider good news but coturnix quail are not chickens! And that's GREAT! Because they are much easier than chickens!

Chickens are like my spirit animal and I'm not bagging on them but everything that takes time and space with chickens is the opposite with coturnix quail! That's why they're perfect for small spaces and people who want a quick turnaround... but you already know that because you've likely already made the decision to start with quail.

Here's my favorite info on quail and where to find support and even more info by linking up with our quail community!

These facebook groups and YouTube channels are great free resources but if you notice the top right hand of that graphic there's also a QR code that links to Quail University! I've been raising coturnix quail for 3 years and I'm learning new stuff every time I log in to this course! It's absolutely phenomenal and gives you so many tips on many different ways to raise your quail so you can choose what's best for you!

If you're interested in more info go check out for a FREE PREVIEW of the course.

Here's something that can also be overwhelming, trying to offset the cost of feed. This is something I share frequently with all my new customers because every little bit helps when it comes to feed waste and saving money on the feed bill. For more info on fermenting or mass wetting down the feed for the quail check out this YouTube video and follow us for more tips to do this in small spaces.

Lastly, when all else seems overwhelming, because that's just life. Take a look at all the benefits of quail eggs! They are a superfood and so good for your body! So amidst all the overwhelm remind yourself that you've taken a giant leap towards self-sufficiency and overall health.


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