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Day Old Coturnix Quail Chick RESERVATIONS

Day Old Coturnix Quail Chick RESERVATIONS

Day Old Coturnix quail chicks, $3/chick. $1 per chick due at time of reservation. the remaining balance can then be paid at pickup.

these are sold straight run which means they are too young to determine gender. Pickup  in Provo Utah. Bring your own box. Venmo, cash or online payments accepted. If you want to reserve 50 or more contact me via text to make arrangements prior. Once you have reserved your chicks message me to confirm pickup date. Please note during certain seasons it can take up to 4 weeks to receive your chicks this is why it's important to contact me after reservation to confirm pickup dates.

  • Caring for Day Old Quail Chicks

    Congrats on taking the leap into the amazing world of quail! They can be very tricky the first week or so, so below I've added my best tips for raising day old quail.

    -use a quail specific water base or add rocks/marbles etc to the water base so they cannot drown. *enough rocks they can dip their beaks in but not get wet *they get cold and freeze quickly.

    -do NOT use shavings as bedding the first week-use paper towels. *they get confused and can eat shavings and I don't recommend ever using sand as it doesn't retain heat and they can freeze and/or mistake it for food.

    -I only use the feeder BASE to fill the food until the quail are 2-3wks old and are too big to end up inside the plastic container and suffocate *this is actually way more common than you would think.

    -I do not recommend using mason jars for the feeders or waterers as they are heavy and if knocked over they can squish the quail. *sounds silly but it actually has happened.

    -the first few days I have food sprinkled around the ground near the feeder and waterer so they realize where the food is. keep the food and water close to the heat source.

    My favorite resources for all things quail are:


    -Utah Backyard Quail Nerds (my group)

    - Newbie Quail Lovers

    -The Self Sufficient Quail

    -Quail in the kitchen


    -Myshirefarm (livestream Sunday 5pm, Monday 6pm)

    -Slightly Rednecked (livestream Thursday 6pm)

    -Whiskey Tango Farms WTF (livestream, Wednesdays 6pm)

    Feel free to text anytime with questions 801-857-9451 .

    Don’t forget to like us on facebook/IG and drop a review @featheredknechtions on FB!

    Thanks again for supporting our passion!


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