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Coturnix Quail: A Guide to City Limit Self-Sufficiency.

Updated: Jun 14

Limited Space?

Us too! We are in the city in Utah with maybe 1/10th acre in the backyard and it's on a mountainside! Besides the limited space we are in a city with limited-no animal rights which means if you're allowed anything it's a few pets and maybe a couple chickens.

Can't have chickens?

Yeah, a lot of people cannot have chickens and IF they can it's very limited on the am0unt and very specific on coop requirements, noise ordinances and even if living within the legal requirements if a neighbor complains the city can and likely will require you to get rid of the chickens.... sounds fun right? Especially when you just want some freaking eggs to be more self-sufficient and know your eggs are coming from a humane source.

Here's the answer!

Here's where coturnix quail come into play! You can have 3 quail PER SQUARE FOOT and just look at this graphic for a comparison of chickens vs coturnix quail!

Are you thinking you need permits to own coturnix quail just like you would other gamebirds? Watch this short Tik Tok video on why that's not an issue in most places because of the way city codes are written. Not every place is created equal so make sure you look into your specific regulations, or you can always do what a lot of people do and ask for forgiveness vs permission (but I didn't say that...)

Here's a few other things people worry about...and you can find answers to these are more on our YouTube channel.

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