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At Feathered Knechtions, we’re proud of the great relationships we’ve formed with our customers. We’re excited to share some of their feedback with you and invite you to submit your own experiences.

Not only are the quails beautiful and healthy. But everyone that works here are amazing and a wealth of knowledge and help! They were so accommodating and put the health of the quails ahead of themselves and I will forever be grateful to them for helping me. They have a life long customer/fan! I can’t say enough good things about them!!!
If you are at all debating owning quail and/or buying from them you should!!! There isn’t a better breeder in Utah and surrounding states!!!
Thank you again Feathered Knections!! We love our new babies and are more aware of how to care for them and raise them better!!!

Heather Dickens

If I could give them 10/5 stars, I would. EXTREMELY helpful, patient, responsive, and knowledgeable on what they do. They love educating others on quails and don’t mind helping others. Beautiful quails and well taken care of. I highly recommend best place to get quails! Thank you for helping me in my quail journey
1Feathered Knechtions

Andrea Ramos

ion r.jpeg

Kelli is so eager to share her wonderful quail with the local community. She and her husband gave an awesome demonstration at the Lehi (Utah) Farmer’s Market on quail-keeping and showed those who were interested proper butchering techniques that were so easy the kids could do it (and gave them irreplaceable life skills!!!) I absolutely love this business, the quail, and the little speckled eggs!

Ion Roberts

laura k.jpeg

I had the best experience with Feathered Knechtions at the Lehi Farmer’s market! They were so knowledgeable and friendly and by the time I took my eggs and tool home, I felt very confident. The next day I had the most wonderful breakfast. They really are tastier than store bought chicken eggs and can’t wait to get some more! Next time I’m getting quail meat as well. If the eggs are this tasty, I can only imagine how good some smoked quail would be!!

Laura Kristin

I give this site 5 stars. I ordered two shirts, they delivered quickly. They are comfortable to wear. These are shirts you'd be proud to wear and helps when you wear them that people ask and of course, you get to talk about your favorite subject "QUAIL" I even sent a suggestion for a shirt and low and behold within days, it was on the site too. I've met the lady who runs this site, great person and great to do business with.

Steve Swanson

I love the variety of t-shirts to pick from. I received mine so quickly, its soft and a perfect fit, and great quality. Thank you

Susan Wise

I’ve gotten quail at other locations but it’s safe to say that feathered knechtions will be the only place I go from here on. They actually want to help you and can answer any questions you’ll come up with.

Jordan Birch

k kilgrow.jpeg

I love Kelli! She’s so so friendly and so willing to help. And always has quail available when I need some. She knows a lot about what she’s doing and seems to have big plans coming . I’ve bought many adults and chicks from her and all have done well and thrived! Thanks for always answering my questions!

Katherine Kilgrow

I purchased 9 cute quail chicks, they are healthy and happy! I have not lost any!
she has been super helpful with questions or concerns, she has a very bubbly personality, great person in general.
I also like that she is super knowledgeable about quail.
I have had my babies for a few weeks now with no issues, or sickness.
I would recommend this place to purchase quail locally!

Kayla Jewitt-Knight

Kelli is amazing and very kind. Feathered Knechtions eggs are the best I have tasted. Definitely recommend their eggs.

Stormy Wyzykowski

This is a wonderful place to buy quail. Great customer service provided me all the information I needed to get started!

Stone River Soaps

For those interested in taking her  classes, my wife and I took a quail butchering/processing class from Kelli and we thought it was so fun and informative. It's a great date which is what we made of it. She knows her stuff and is so kind and friendly.

Eric Smith

Thank you for my new girls. Kelli was very accommodating. Love all the great information I was given. Can wait to do business again. :)

Tanisha Harris-Wittwer

I love getting chicks from Feathered Knections. She was super knowledgeable and helpful to get us up and going!

Spencer Farris

This was my first time purchasing quail and raising quail. She is so knowledgeable and patient. I'm addicted and need more.

Maya Rushton

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