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Updated: Jun 14, 2023

I just wanted to share a graphic I made on my favorite things about Coturnix quail. During the 2020 pandemic a lot of people started focusing more on being prepared and more self sufficient. I mean, if you go to the grocery store and can't get milk and eggs to feed your family or yourself, then what? We started with chickens because they're my spirit animal and it was a lifelong dream to have them as pets. But chickens food conversion ratio is kinda steep meaning they eat everything and they don't even give you eggs until 6-8months! (food conversion ratio basically means how much you feed them vs. how much you get in return ie meat/eggs).

So after enjoying chickens and getting them all settled into our small suburban backyard we decided we wanted to take a gander at quail and went on a pandemic date to learn how to butcher and process quail meat. After learning to butcher quail (and seeing I could actually do it myself) and tasting the meat and eggs we dove in full force with 50 chicks! There is a small learning curve as quail chicks are determined to kill themselves for the first 2weeks but the benefits are unbelievable! And the fact you can raise them ANYWHERE (unless you have a crazy HOA) they really are the new chicken! We raise 200-300 quail in the space we raise 10 chickens and those chickens also free range .....

Check out why I love Coturnix quail and some of the claimed benefits of the eggs below. Btw did I mention you can eat quail meat medium? Yep, they almost never get salmonella so it's safe to eat the meat and eggs however you please.

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